General Questions faq

A) Kisaan life is all about a sustainable green farming. Kisaan Life gives numerous benefits which could be an asset to your future generations.

A) Farm Land is an asset with increasing value and they don’t depreciate . so  the factors that we can consider are like 

1. What is the appreciation that Kisaan Life is giving ?

2.What is the percentage of returns that Kisaan Life is giving per annum ?

3.Is Kisaan Life giving with the best ever price ?

4.What kind of infrastructure is Kisaan Life providing ?

5.Do Kisaan Life provides buy  back guarantee ?

A) Yes. You can invest in Kisaan Life even if you have no experience in farming  because Kisaan life itself develops  and manages your farmland . Also Kisaan Life gives high returns upto 12% per annum.

A) Kisaan life provides demarcation by fixing the boundary and limits of land. Kisaan Life assure the clear title lands and get the spot registration done. Kisaan Life provides you with  the proper documents . so  your investment in Kisaan Life is so secured. Also Kisaan Life assure with the buyback guarantee.

A) Regular and timely updates on the farmland’s performance and any relevant developments contribute to attain better yields and lower risks by adopting scientific smart solutions. Clear communication will be established.